Provide a Path For Malawi Students

Bicycles help students overcome the barrier of distance. Together we can help empower students in Malawi to go further.



Why Bikes for Malawi?

The numbers don't lie. Malawi is one of the poorest countries, with some of the greatest challenges. Its children are ready to shine brighter.


Average Time Spent Walking to and from school each day  1


Girls married in Malawi before the age of 18  2


People live on less than $2 per day 3


Students in Malawi who do not complete primary school  4

Hear Their Stories

A bicycle can change the life of a student. Hear about the difference you can make by providing this simple tool.

  • 15 Year-Old


    Everyday, Sheila walks more than

    6KM To School

    --each way. Arriving late and tired, she often finds herself drifting off in class.

    Time and distance have taken their toll in Sheila's community. Many of her friends have lost the ambition to stay in school.

    Sheila is committed and aims to care for the sick as a nurse. “I want to prevent needless deaths,” she says. "health workers here are overworked and can’t keep up with their patients.”

    For Sheila, the bicycles will mean fewer absences and more time in class. Her dream is for no student to drop out because they can't get to class. “We are committed to school.” she says “I’m positive, when bicycles are here, we are going to go far.”

  • 15 Year-Old


    Esme is a bright 15-year-old who wants to become a nurse. She believes that the biggest school-related challenges facing her and her peers are the journeys to school.

    Esme travels 5-6km each way

    Girl students are also in danger of assaults on their safety and dignity as they walk alone.

    A bicycle would make Esme’s travels both shorter and safer.

    It would also help her family transport more maize to the mill, giving her family the opportunity to improve their business.

  • 15 Year-Old


    Matthias is studying math and English and loves to play soccer with his friends.

    He walks 16km to and from school each day.

    Older boys sometimes steal his possessions; perhaps that explains why he intends to become a crime-fighting soldier when he grows up.

    A bicycle would give Matthias some protection on his journey while also making it possible for him to pick up goods for his family at the market.

I'm Positive, When Bicycles Are Here, We Are Going to Go Far.

Sheila, 15

Our goal is to fund 2,000 bicycles to launch our education program in Malawi. Give now to mobilize Malawi students.